Deposit Payments

Deposit Payments


This listing is for a Custom Deer Skull Design, using the skull in photo 2. Palette will use, but may not be limited to, the flowers described here :

Payment to be broken up into 8 monthly increments on the below schedule. Order will ship immediately after final payment is received:

  • Payment 1 (due 11/20/18): $138.75 (PAID)

  • Payment 2 (due 12/20/18): $138.75 (PAID)

  • Payment 3 (due 1/20/19): $138.75 (PAID)

  • Payment 4 (due 2/20/19): $138.75 (PAID)

  • Payment 5 (due 3/20/19): $138.75 (PAID)

  • Payment 6 (due 4/20/19): $138.75 (PAID)

  • Payment 7 (due 5/20/19): $138.75 (PAID)

  • Payment 8 (due 6/20/19): $138.75

Final Payment will be due upon completion of the design and will be posted in a separate listing, which will include detailed photos of the completed piece for review and approval before final payment is made. Design to be completed no later than 6/20/19.

If order is cancelled before the layaway plan has been completed and before work begins, all money that has been paid up until that point will be refunded, less 50% of the total order, equal to $555.00. If work has started on the design, a refund is no longer possible.

Please click HERE to read my shop policies before purchasing. By completing the transaction for this listing, you agree to my terms.

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