Available Inventory

Prices below do include the cost of the skull and flowers. Shipping fees are based within North America. Additional fees may apply for international orders.  NOTES: Any skulls that have the nasal tip in tact can be broken off based on preferred look. Any of the skulls with the lighter antlers can be stained to give them a deeper color. None pictured have been stained, as it’s only by request.


If you wanted to pay over time, I do offer layaway as an option. You have the choice to break payments up anywhere between 2-8 monthly increments.  

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DEER SKULL (DS017) - $800 + $100 s/h

13”H x 15” W x 12.5”D

DEER SKULL (DS016) - $900 + $105 s/h

17”H x 17” W x 16”D

DEER SKULL (DS014) - $900 + $105 s/h

17.75”H x 16” W x 14”D

DEER SKULL (DS013) - $1,000 + $115 s/h

19.5”H x 18” W x 15.5”D

DEER SKULL (DS009) - $550 + $89 s/h

15”H x 9.5” W x 11”D

DEER SKULL (DS004) - $1,100 + $136 s/h

21”H x 21” W x 16.5”D