Nature Harnessed

A mixed media experience synchronizing masculine lines juxtaposed to the soft beauty of elements from our natural landscape. Allowing responsibly sourced skulls to marry with preserved flora varietals reveals unique displays that will last a generation.

Deer Skull with Flower Crown by
Cow Skull with Floral Crown by
Deer Skull with Blush Flower Crown by
Deer Skull with Handmade Floral Crown by
Hand Painted Cow Skull by
Skull with Roses by
Antler Shed with Preserved Flowers by
Skull with Flowers by
Preserved Flower Crown by
Preserved Flowers by
Hand Painted Bison Skull by
Preserved Bristol Cross Oregano by
Rose Gold and Black Skull by
Antler Sheds with Preserved Flowers by
Preserved Garden Roses by
Nursery Decor by
Black Bison Skull with Antique Gold Antlers by
Peonies with Air Plant by
Black Skull with Purple Flowers by
Blush Flowers for Nursery by
Deer Skull with Floral Crown by
Cow Skull with Flowers by
Cotton with Silver Brunia and Ferns by
Elk Skull by
Pale Pink and Cream Flowers by
Cow Skull with Preserved Flowers by