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When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.
— John Muir

Conjuring art from nature, my work is centered around a wide range of organic materials. These raw elements are merged and refined, striking a perfect balance between shape and texture, revealing one-of-a-kind art pieces as unique as the materials that they're made from. Changing in response to current inspiration, the subject matter and materials that I use are fluid allowing me the freedom to explore various techniques. Preserved flora, various woods, textiles, and salvaged fauna are often incorporated into my work.

Each handcrafted piece is designed to be personalized, through your choice of a customizable palette that best represents you and your personal style. In partnering with me, you get not only a luxury product, but also an unequivocal guarantee of quality so that each piece can be displayed with confidence. I am committed to creating beautiful, unprecedented art, and I work diligently to source only the best natural materials so that whatever unique design you dream of, the integrity of the product matches that of your expectations. From concept to completion, I soley perform every aspect in the design process to ensure the utmost quality.

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Nature Harnessed

A mixed media experience synchronizing masculine lines juxtaposed to the soft beauty of elements from our natural landscape. Allowing responsibly sourced skulls to marry with preserved flora varietals reveals unique displays that will last a generation.

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