What are preserved flowers?


Preserved flowers are real flowers that have been harvested and put through a process in which most of the moisture in the plant is removed and replaced with glycerin. Glycerin is natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It leaves the flowers supple and natural looking and prevents further drying. In some cases natural dyes have been used to enhance the colors or copy current color trends. 

Some botanicals such as grasses, sticks, grains, vines and pods have been dried using hot air or desiccants. 

In contrast to traditional manufactured artificial flowers, preserved flowers give a fresh, natural and more organic look that will last for years and remain environmentally friendly.

How do I care for preserved materials to make them last?

Flowers and foliage treated with glycerin keep almost indefinitely and will remain pliable as along as they are properly cared for.

Preserved plants and flowers are intended for indoor use. Keep these materials out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time. As with anything else, direct sun exposure will cause fading. Place them in a cool dry room, avoiding areas of very high humidity for prolonged periods. You can also use a hair dryer on a cool/low setting to remove any dust that may accumulate over time. Do not clean preserved flowers with water or liquid cleaning products. Avoid prolonged contact with fabrics, as the color has the potential to transfer. Try and limit the amount of handling you do to avoid any breakage.


Can I order a custom Design?

Yes I do accept custom orders. Please fill out the CONTACT form within my site and I will be in touch with you as soon as I can. Because I work alone and everything is made by hand, I only accept a small amount of custom orders each month so my calendar does fill up rather quickly, especially during the peek of bridal season. I always recommend that you book sooner rather than later, especially if you have a specific need date that you want me to meet. I do not reserve time without payment and I work on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once my calendar is full, I can't make exceptions.

Once we start determining designs and color/flower preferences, I will send you a photo board with some samples to choose from. Based on that, I can determine your estimate. I require a 50% non-refundable down payment to book a custom order. Final payment is not due until the order is complete and is ready to ship. I will contact you when I am ready to start arranging your flowers, and I will keep you updated throughout the design process. Once the flowers have been completed, I will send you pictures for your review. Bridal orders will receive pictures to review before and after the arrangements have been wrapped with the ribbon.

All orders are fulfilled based on the need date. For weddings and parties, I deliver at least one month prior to the actual date unless we have agreed on other arrangements. Occasionally flowers do get damaged during transport, and I will need time to file the insurance claim, order new flowers, and make a new arrangement if necessary. This process can take several weeks, so the more time we have, the less stress it will be for you! For more information on damaged packages, see the last question on this specific subject below. Flowers can be stored in the same boxes that they were delivered in to keep them protected and away from dust. Just be sure to store the boxes in a climate-controlled area.


Are returns/Cancellations accepted?

All sales are final, and returns are not accepted. Listing photos and descriptions accurately depict the items for sale in my shop. Though, please bear in mind that every computer is different and color may vary slightly on every monitor. Upon request, I will send you detailed photos of anything you wish to purchase ahead of time and will answer any questions you want to ask me, so please be sure you are 100% satisfied before completing the transaction process.

All custom orders are subject to a minimum down payment equal to 50% of the value of the complete price of the sale, unless a different payment plan has been prearranged. The agreed upon down payment is non-refundable. If the complete sale price has been prepaid, 50% of that total price will be refunded back to you.

If for whatever reason, a payment does need to be refunded, it will be returned to you in the same form of currency that was used for purchase.


how are shipping costs determined?

Shipping costs for each item are based on the size and weight of each arrangement and the packing supplies that are required to protect your items. Due to the fragile nature of the materials that I use, most products require extra packaging to protect them and ensure a safe arrival. This can include double-walled heavy duty boxes, an excessive amount of filler such as packing foam and/or paper, and even edge protectors to prevent crushing if the box is put under heavy pressure from the other items that they are shipped with during transport. Extra care is taken with bridal bouquets and table arrangements to ensure that they don't shift if the box is turned on its side or upside down. Box size must also account for extra space surrounding each item, which does increase the cost for shipping.


what Do i do if my package was lost or damaged during transport?

My shop is not responsible for any item once it has been shipped. This covers any and all damage occurring during transit, lost items during transit, lost or stolen packages left at customer's address, and any other damage, loss, or theft. My shop is not responsible for return shipping costs when packages are returned to me from failed delivery attempts. If a package was lost or stolen, please contact the carrier with your tracking information for further instruction.

I package each arrangement to the best of my ability and leave them in the care of the shipper once they have been picked up for transport. I will gladly work with you and the carrier to try and resolve any shipping issues related to damage. It is imperative that you document damage through detailed photographs for the insurance claim, should damage occur.

If you have experienced any damage, please take detailed photographs as soon as possible and send them to me so that I can immediately file the insurance claim. The following photos must be included in order to file the claim. Please note, if you see visible damage to the outside of the box or if damage is visible upon opening the box, please take the first photo in this list BEFORE you unpack the flowers:

  • A photo showing the damaged merchandise, inside the original box, with all of the original cushioning (picture should show the placement of the merchandise and packaging inside the box)
  • Two photos displaying all 6 sides of the package (1 photo should display the top and 2 sides, the 2nd photo should display the bottom and the opposite sides)
  • A close-up photo of the shipping label clear enough to read the detail that was printed on it
  • A close-up photo of the box manufacturer’s certificate (BMC), located on the bottom of the box. The BMC is a round stamp that details either the bursting strength of the box or the edge crush rating of the box
  • A photo of the packing materials that were used, (e.g. packing foam, bubble wrap, dividers, etc.), after they have been removed from the box
  • Detailed photos of the damaged item or items

The photographs should suffice for the claim, but it is possible that the carrier will want to pick up the damaged merchandise and all packing materials for inspection. Please DO NOT THROW AWAY any of the damaged items, the packing materials, or the box they were shipped in until I inform you that it is okay to do so. At any point during the claims process, the carrier may ask to inspect these materials and if these items are no longer available, it could result in a rejected claim.

Please bear in mind that the claims process could take several weeks. Once the claim has been approved, I then have to order replacement materials and will need time replace the damaged item(s) and re-ship. If you have a specific need date, it is important that you contact me as soon as possible about damages.