Meghan LaCroix

/ ləˈkrô / la-craw / la-cwa /

I'm a Houston-based designer focused on creating one of a kind floral arrangements and art pieces centered around preserved flowers and botanicals. The materials I use are real plants and flowers that have been professionally treated with a plant-based, biodegradable preservation liquid. This means they will last indefinitely while remaining soft and pliable without any wilting, fading, or need for water.

I approach each floral arrangement as a piece of art, often incorporating paint, objects of nature, textiles and salvaged materials into my work. Most often I will combine my flowers with various species of wood. The distinctive character in the wood grain pairs perfectly with the natural beauty of flowers. Woodworking is my other love, so occasionally I may produce a wood piece with no florals included. 

I am available for delivery within the Houston area and can ship throughout North America. International orders are on a case-by-case basis.